Updating digital slr camera firmware

), I also used to get card write errors, but changing memory cards solved that (faulty sandisk I guess).

The other day however, I had a wierd one, the shutter got stuck open, but depressing the shutter again moments later fixed it, I was in the middle of a shoot, so it was a bit odd.

jtan I'm having the exact same problem with my 32 day old D750 but I was using the 70-200 and I don't think it has happened with the new 24-120.

I was shooting in Manual no continuous mode or video but suddenly an hourglass shows up on the back of my screen.

After waiting for a long time it wouldn't let me shut it off without pulling the battery.

Along with that problem I'm getting a flashing F0 in my view finder.

The U3 is significantly faster in my D750 but makes little or no difference in my D7000 when compared with a U1 version. If I take to Nikon 1) They will keep the it for some time and we have festival time now...

2nd If I/They can't reproduce the issue - don't know what will be the result?Sorry to inform you that I had the same problem 10 days ago: at first a series of blocks with "ERR", then the shutter finally crashed.The local repairer doesn't believe me, he said that i "must" have touched the shutter blades.Indeed, I had a freeze when I first got my D750, same deal, had to remove the battery.updated the firmware and never had one again (perhaps it fixed it? Today I had an event at home - My Daughter's B' Day party and while shooting with the D750 24-120 lens, it got stuck 3 times (got hung) and I had to remove the battery and get it back to normal 2 times and once the power-off and on did the job. This is the 5th time it is getting hung and I'm not sure whats the real issue?

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