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But coding something up in Python and calling it from the Rules DSL is far from heretical.

Please note that I have used Joins in my example, which will align with my Merge code later.

Unfortunately, it’s encoded in ISO-8859-1, and the special characters seem to cause some issues with the XPATH transformation, apparently because Java String objects are encoded in UTF-16.

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In fact a reference is stored at each index which subsequently refers to the object stored somewhere in the memory.

This is due to the fact that some objects may be large enough than other objects and hence they are stored at some other memory location.

We can perform various operations like insertion and deletion on list.

A list can be composed by storing a sequence of different type of values separated by commas.

Apart from creating and accessing elements from the list, Python allows us to perform various other operations on the list.

Some common operations are given below In Python, lists can be added by using the concatenation operator( ) to join two lists.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that if both of your values are NULL, then an update will happen anyway.

Go ahead and substitute the code above and re-run the merge statement where one of the values is NULL.

Note: If the index provided in the list slice is outside the list, then it raises an Index Error exception.

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