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Rule: import requests from xml.etree import Element Tree ### Fetch data and extract values ### response = requests.get(' xml = Element Tree.fromstring(response.content) temp = xml.find('./current Conditions/temperature')humidity = xml.find('./current Conditions/relative Humidity')wind Chill = xml.find('./current Conditions/wind Chill')forecast Low = xml.find('.//forecast/temperatures/temperature[@class="low"]')### Update Open HAB items via REST API ### s = requests.

Unfortunately, it’s encoded in ISO-8859-1, and the special characters seem to cause some issues with the XPATH transformation, apparently because Java String objects are encoded in UTF-16.

What I would like to do is fetch the relevant XML file and update the state of items with the relevant values, e.g. However, I haven’t yet hit on a working combination of commands to fetch the XML, change the character encoding, and parse the data out. I’d like to use the rules engine itself, but I’m often frustrated trying to figure out how to get things done using Xtend and the Rules DSL.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that if both of your values are NULL, then an update will happen anyway.

Go ahead and substitute the code above and re-run the merge statement where one of the values is NULL.

This works, but it’s less than optimal for a few reasons.

However, its really cumbersome to write, imagine writing a statement like that for 50 columns.

But coding something up in Python and calling it from the Rules DSL is far from heretical.

Please note that I have used Joins in my example, which will align with my Merge code later.

It might be heretical, but I can see a lot of advantages to this approach.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to decipher the nuances of the not-quite-Java, not-quite-Xtend DSL used for rules, and it’s definitely a lot easier to find answers to the same questions for Python.

We can perform various operations like insertion and deletion on list.

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