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The Hancock house in Ticonderoga is a replica of the John Hancock house in Boston.

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As in the past The United States will band together against it's adversaries.

As the bulk of traffic entering the United States enters through New York, the welcoming arms of truth and justice of the Statue Of Liberty continues to offer hope for a brighter future, one free of oppression and prejudice.

Not to be overlooked is the Nation's history surrounding New York to include the Statue Of Liberty.

In the Adirondack mountains is a vast history of mining and military sites complete with bridges, farms, lighthouses, prisons and hamlets.

There's just something downright magical about the Fall season.

It's crisp and cozy, bursting with pumpkin everything, and a colorful palette of dazzling Autumn goodness.

We are about eight miles south-east of Rochester, New York. You are seeing the street outside Cinch Link's Marketing studio in suburban Rochester.

The glitter and glamour of New York draws people by the thousand to seek fame, fortune or just to visit those that are seeking or have obtained fame and fortune.

New York Wildlife Information and webcams featuring New York wildlife.

Featuring things like osprey nest, eagles nest, deer, vultures, etc.

This state was explored when a French ship visited this area in 1524.

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