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[Top 10 Conspiracy Theories] Why HAARP exists The U. military is interested in the ionosphere because this portion of the atmosphere plays a role in transmitting radio signals.

HAARP sends radio beams into the ionosphere to study the responses from it — one of the few ways to accurately measure this inaccessible part of the atmosphere.

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Conspiracy theorists are abuzz about the news, given that HAARP (short for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has long been the center of wild speculation that the program is designed to control the weather — or worse.

Air Force has notified Congress that it intends to shut down HAARP, a controversial Alaska-based research facility that studies an energetic and active region of the upper atmosphere.

HAARP operates out of the HAARP Research Station in Gakona, Alaska, where it has a high-power radio frequency transmitter that can perturb a small portion of the ionosphere.

Other instruments are then used to measure the perturbations.

If scientists could better understand what happens in the ionosphere, they might be able to mitigate some of these problems.

But the Air Force is no longer interested in maintaining HAARP, according to David Walker, the Air Force deputy assistant secretary for science, technology and engineering.

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