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This means making a record only when there is a problem or something unusual happens and noting the corrective action taken as a result.

See Model Documents and Food Safety Management Diary below. The manual was produced in 2002 to provide a clear and colourful training guide on HACCP principles and their application.

Retailers and consumers need to take precautions, including temperature controls and keeping raw meat and cooked meat and other ready to eat foods separate.

Conscientious implementation of HACCP principles by plant operators demonstrates their commitment to food safety; improves employee awareness of their role in protecting consumers, and emphasises management's responsibility for the safe production of meat.

Food safety management is achieved by a combination of good hygiene practices (legal requirements for which are in Regulation 852/2004) and operational hygiene procedures (legal requirements for meat production are in Regulation 853/2004).

Documentation is an important part of food safety management.

They include carcass testing requirements, including criteria for salmonella for red meat and poultry carcasses.

This article contains a brief introduction to the main principles which should be followed by the constructors of tests and assessments.

A comprehensive glossary of testing terms is also provided.

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