Vintagedating com bike or not dating

Moreover when you meet a vintage partner’s friends you are more likely to get on with them and should it get to a ‘meet the parents’ stage you are also unlikely to horrify them.

Once living together the idea of buying a wooden-globe cocktail cabinet will not cause major rifts.

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This begs the question of whether there are disadvantages to leaving the fold and ending up with someone who does not share your interests?

The cynical might answer that simply by being male they have all kinds of bizarre alien tendencies.

Hmm, the feminist in me adds, ‘vulnerable, controllable and docile’.

Vintage ladies adore being in control of their image and to be honest none of the retro-centric women I know are doormats.

If they were sensible they’d be delighted but change is difficult.

Many couples split up for example when one of them loses weight.

I am always initially surprised when I meet someone alternative who has a partner who is conventional in appearance.

I say ‘appearance’ because they can turn out to be as mad as a bag of cats once you get to know them.

Even worse is the man who insists on saying he likes the ‘natural’ look and winces at red lips and foundation.

It is nice that a person likes you scrubbed and bare but that they should not like you without the slap?

A fifties style Betty with a skate dude may work because they are both involved in a subculture.

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