Vintagedating com good pick up line for online dating

Hmm, the feminist in me adds, ‘vulnerable, controllable and docile’.

Vintage ladies adore being in control of their image and to be honest none of the retro-centric women I know are doormats.

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Then there is the time he couldn’t walk for a week after spearing his foot with a heated roller clip and whether that cocktail should really contain egg white or not.

Also, vitally, a vintage chap will never ever shame you by rolling up in front of your friends in a pair of Nikes, cargo pants and t-shirt with a picture of a monkey on it.

There will be no arguments over what music to play as neither person would darken their Itunes play list with rap or grime.

Conflicts when they arise are amusingly vintage: the washing of delicate silks, the boyfriend’s flat is infested with moths or when drunk she covers his clothes with Mac’s Ruby Woo.

I am always initially surprised when I meet someone alternative who has a partner who is conventional in appearance.

I say ‘appearance’ because they can turn out to be as mad as a bag of cats once you get to know them.Appearance is, of course not everything, shared interests, attitudes and downright magnetic attraction play a part.But, at the end of the day, is it better to end up with a man or woman from the same ‘scene’?Even worse is the man who insists on saying he likes the ‘natural’ look and winces at red lips and foundation.It is nice that a person likes you scrubbed and bare but that they should not like you without the slap?show, he, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Eddie Redmayne made new video dating profiles.

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