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- Ctrl slows down Free Fly(F5) - Alt and Shift speed up Free Fly - Page UP cums, Page DOWN moans no matter conditions.

- Added skin color palette - Dances menu for pole dances! Put them back on from settings (F1) top left corner.

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Virtual sex chat bots

Updated 4.7 - In Home Editor, "Ctrl Z" returns your current dragged object to the exact location you lifted it from.

Updated 2.7 - Annoying chat bug caused by Hide UI fixed - Added collars to necklaces category, again!

The Summer of Code is a yearly event organized by Google to encourage students to contribute to open source projects.

Open source organizations provide mentors and projects to work on, while Google give some money to participating students.

- Added colors for tooon of clothes X_x - Added few more color options for the premade set I used for clothes.

- Freeze your character in Home Editor with the toggle button top left, directly underneath your character name.

Consulting with Hex-Rays, they're kindly consented for us to host one of the earlier IDA freeware versions, for those in the future who wish to use it.

After reviewing the earlier versions, we've settled on IDA Freeware Version 5.0.

Updated 30.6 - Furniture Snaps to Grid of 0,1 when holding down space Updated 29.6 - Furniture rotating works great again!

- Home props count working with duplicate (alt) Updated 22.6 - "Bot Cumshot" hidden with Shift-Z/Hide Interface. - Shift F pauses and plays animation rather than just simply freezing it.

Our forum and IRC channel, #scummvm on, are open for comments and suggestions. You may support the project by expressing your excitement in the form of a donation via Pay Pal although we value code contributions considerably more.

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