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Deana Cardinale "De" Activities: Field Hockey l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2, Softball 1,2, Field Hockey All Stars 4. Kevins, Roller Skadng and Sledding with BCand SS, Phil/Cho. ds: To be able to wake up fot my early classes in College aftet the late parties. Fleming's announcements car accidents, and last and definitely least P. To all my friends who put up with me all those years thanks!!! t S)6t ZV 91 IT'S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP IF YOU WANNA ROCK 'N ROLL WILMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL WILMINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS ENIORS 17 UPERLATIVES 54 LASS WILL 72 LASS HISTORY 52 LASS PROPHECY 53 PORTS 67 TUBS AND ACTIVITIES 87 ACULTY 97 MBH * 8 HHMBH 12 fcir-.

., Fun with Mike 12/19/87 — 7/2/89, Proms Day After, Thumper, Wanna Buy a Duck? Captain 1-4 REMEMBER: Christina,family, friends, soccer 1990 div.

Goals: To go everywhere and do everything Scott Brennan "Brain Dead" ACTIVITIES: Footballl-2, Soccer3-4, Hockey.

Remember: Family, Enroh, Jen H, Gusty, Debbie B, Doug, Janee, Kevin, Brad R, Jen R, Spectrum, 7-26-90, 8-7-90, New Year's '91, 7-27-89, Senior Year!

Forget: All my tardies to homeroom, "excuse me"people,4th period English das s(12th grade) Jr. Pet Peeves: waking up in the morning, dicky girls Goals: To own a little red corvette and to open my own photography studio Robert Andersen Kelly Amrock "Kell-o, Butch" 18 Activities: Foreign Language Club, SADD, Peer Leadership, Wildcat News, Medical Careers Club, Photography Club, Volleyball, Show Choir.

A.,going out w/Shawn,concerts, Sue's bowling, different techniques in eating.

Boston, AG KL, KM, KF, Chris Greeley, The 2Time Posse!

Remember: GS, GC, EC, TC, MF, MG, MS, BC, DC, KS, CP, Anthony, Photo. H.w/LAand SM, Funspot, Beaver,"If I had a gun list(in sand)/' '90 and '91 New Year's party,l/2 days every- day. Scanlon's classes, LA's car, Rog's Horizon, Tiff s "good looks", teaching Sue eating tech. Remember: family, friends, Aimee, Scotty B, Laura, Gib, Sean, Di Gi, Staff Jim, Ri ch B, BL, Dave, BV, Corey, Joe W, Vic,all cliques, Ang, CP, Deb & Dawn.

Soph .yr, w/GS, Gator,butt in back of chem.lab,"ti pots" Powercup, Dex, Connie, Andrea, KM, Dk,friday's at w/cd, Buster, DC , DB, Wakuta, Sandy P., Hamma.

A." Activities: Field Hockey JV 1&2 V 3&4 Softball 1&2, BPA 3&4 & Deca 3.

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