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., Fun with Mike 12/19/87 — 7/2/89, Proms Day After, Thumper, Wanna Buy a Duck? Captain 1-4 REMEMBER: Christina,family, friends, soccer 1990 div. Goals: To go everywhere and do everything Scott Brennan "Brain Dead" ACTIVITIES: Footballl-2, Soccer3-4, Hockey. Krey's science class, canobie lake w/David, Harold Parker, Ern's parties, being chased by the cops and losing, the '67. Balestrieri "Dave" | Friends: KA, CP, MB, DC, JP, BC, BH, BR, SXM, EG, SS, SP, SB, JD, MC, KW, E. Forget: Dave's Cutlass, High Speed Chases, Ern's Parents Coming Home Early, 1st Dance of Sophomore Year, Jr. FDw/C, BBC,plays, soccer, n at/ Anal alniter, C P [email protected]'s, C-mas Con GD, 12-24-90, Ap Iw/AMC,"Shem" Mrs. Dick's dass,lump, NYS89,90,91,3P's Milli Vanilli, Fh&hwc,2Chris, Bronco JB's undies, ■ - Piggie-Piggie"\BW&LM, S @PP, G, Stressmovie,roses, Daley's&Bowen's, XCof.89 90,1800-France,trash, Ch risties Billy, biking to S, Banned from Fal.

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Favorite Saying: No I'm all set, you know, "Hi Guys" Goals: To make enough money to support all my expenses. Callahan 'Matt" "Inspectot" "Headbanget' ivities: Baseball l,2,3,4; Golf 3, 4 capta.; Basketball 1,2; Hockey 3; Winter k4, Football 1.

Forget: Cliffs party (frozen feet), netd herd/"Cream of the Crop", "the Senorita", cybil, Stoneham, Dan Who? Remember: family, Kris, Shell, RA, VC, DG, GS, DC, TN, Gar,and friends, partie s, Weafer,7/6/90,ll/8/90, Beach, Wob., MSFL,proms,3, carn./'m.",holy iroc.

Remember: Bruce" s house, Gypsy Rose, Witch Bonnie, Hampton & Salisbury Beaches with Brett and Stace, Living at Peg's, Little Duffany.getting counciling, Urban Doobage.

Friends: JS, BC, GS, SS, TN, LPJV, BP, SB, AR, SM,and All the others I didn't have toom for.

", Urkie Turkey "O" for the day, pushcart, thirsty treats, train waves, "Switch",, Bio. "-AL, bleached pants, licky charms, hip-boots, "The Stanch" w/AG, Boomers w/jl, subject for mockery, roly poly poly, Marcy Dolgren-Frost, Dad's socks, tennis w/KP, "Bestial" 17 pieces of gum. Beth-Anne Cataldo "Beth" Activities: Basketball l-2, Drama2.

turn), "the party van", signing, the sink, pumpkining-"when? D., the lamb, cameo weekends, 1000 sugar cubes, my car. Goals: Go to college, do wellbe very wealthy ,get married and have 2 kinds. crs.,club, Sebago,, Skip py, naughty naughty.

JPLimo.fightsw/BM.being teased-BM, vl.sleeping @ Erics, JG-JR, GD, KR! P., the list, hit-n-run, Croteau, Guthrie, curbs, lunatic with dub, I. Goals: Go to college, get married, have a family, & Be Happy! S in PL, [email protected] bush, Botch, C C, Loveshack, DWO/L, BC, Dec. Forget: APP90, S2, E90, B10, U/90, Utah&badmoods, SAT's, there?

Forget: Diets, Fights, getting hit by Mike, rumors, C. N., 'DEBBIE", TPSFLD FAIR, cops, grounded, new year's eve 89/90, Cudass Accident, cliques, track, break-ups.

Goals: To one day be on stage performing with the rest of 2 Time Posse! Aprile "Jen" tivities: Basketball Cheering 2-4,soccer 3-4,spring track 1-2, Junior Seruor )m Committee's. „,,„_ •member: Fam Uy,dique, Cathy, Caryl, Cara, Tara, Miche Ue, Kevin-9-15-90, Bi 0-KS, KS, DS, DM,walksw/CC,ta Ucsw/KS, SB, DW, BV, BLJM, KD, 9-24-89 T3B breathing technique, D2, TC'sgradparty, JR Prom, nite after SR 3 m, Frosh English w/Cara Dick, 1 l-24-90w/CC CS, GTW/ST,not getting jght JR year.

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