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Held in a local church hall, it was organised by One World Foundation Africa, a charity dedicated to helping young immigrants escape from a life of poverty and crime. Others at the party stood and watched, screaming hysterically.

Friends bring flowers for Steven after the teen's fatal stabbing But security was almost non-existent at the party in St Cedd's Hall, next to St Philip's and St James' Church. Far from being an isolated incident, the death of Steven Lewis has already prompted warnings of a new round of tit-for-tat killings.

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With the enemy too intent on enjoying their African party, the predominantly white teenagers, all carrying knives, made their way unopposed through the subway. What is certain is that some members of the E16 'crew' managed to get into the church hall. Unlike the gangs of old, who were intent on controlling areas for criminal purposes, many of today's gangs are simply loose affiliations of friends from the same area. It's simply about controlling a 'turf' designated in this case by postcodes.

The punishment for straying into the wrong area is to be robbed, beaten and stabbed.

A quarter of all gun crimes were committed by under-18s.

But it is knives that remain the weapon of choice for Britain's teenage gangsters.

A deprived area of predominantly mixed-race and African families, this is where Steven Lewis was brought up by Sharon, his mother, along with his older sister, Tanya, and younger brother, Troy.

A talented footballer, Steven attended Lister Community School.

By now out of control, he was placed in care at a home in Blackpool.

But he ran away and returned to Plaistow just before Christmas, spending almost all his time with his gang.

For the killing of Steven Lewis highlights a war between U.

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