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Cazwell | Get Into It | REMIXES Peace Bisquit | November 14, 2006Cazwell | Get Into It | MINI ALBUM Cazwell | I Seen Beyonce At Burger King | REMIXES Peace Bisquit | out nowfrom the Summer 2009 album, Watch My Mouth You Betta Rap: Cazwell To Show 'Em How on "Ru Paul's Drag Race"I Seen Beyonce At Burger King, She Ordered Two Cheese Burgers And Onion Rings...We Seen Beyonce At Burger King Bomb Threat Cancels Cazwell/Amanda Lepore Dublin Gig!Cazwell: Peppermint and I have worked on a couple of tracks together over the past 10 years and we wanted to do a collection of songs, so we put together this three song EP. Peppermint: “Blend” is very personal, we wanted to have a song that was uplifting and talked about the pressures in the trans community to fit in and blend.

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“Harlem Cleopatra” is more of a house track that explores the darker side of being trans and living in the city.

“Turning It” is just a feel-good dance track about staying positive no matter what. Peppermint: I've been living the life of a fly girl in Harlem for years now. Cazwell: Right now, my favorite song on the album is “Harlem Cleopatra”.

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" I've made a couple of full length albums since then and I definitely don't plan on stopping. Do you both plan on doing some tour dates to support the EP?

Cazwell: As soon as I can peel Peppermint off Broadway we will be doing some tour dates, but probably closer to August.

At a time when artists like Lady Gaga (for whom Cazwell has performed as an opening act and was featured on her no.

1 hit "Just Dance") are redefining the art and artifice of dance music, Cazwell is finally primed to take center stage.

) and the rambunctious pop punk ode to love "Cotton Candy." Caz also guest stars in the "Cotton Candy" music video directed by Bec Stupak which will be Amanda's premiere release for her album! He's performed at Radio City Music Hall as an opening act for Cyndi Lauper True Colors Tour ("Radio CIty was a big production. He's a good friend and has been extremely supportive. He is also the heiress of the owner of American Apparel.

About being Sonny to a traninternational Cher, Caz says, "I love working on the Amanda record because she's so interesting and has had such a crazy life. Amanda and I performed with 22 drag queen 'Rockettes' and an additional 16 dancers with 2 costume changes. I automatically thought of his burger shirt when I thought about clothes for the video.

I am dropping a few new songs and videos for the summertime so look out for them.

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