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Still riding high from her Loose Women triumph at the National Television Awards (where it beat Top Gear and The Apprentice to win Best Factual Show) and undertaking her longest tour (all 100 dates), Jane is establishing herself as a bit of a national treasure. The lucky fella is Ed Rothe, ten years her senior and the drummer with reformed Sixties band The Searchers. This news surprised fans because Jane very publicly doubted she would wed again after a heartbreak divorce from Henrik Brixen, her co-star in The Cruise and ex-manager.

Their fairytale wedding in the Caribbean was filmed by the Beeb and watched by a TV audience of 13.5 million.

But that will change soon because Ed has decided to come out of the band and move up north to Wakefield, where Jane still calls home.

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She says she’s up and down from Wakefield to London “like a fiddler’s elbow”. Her mother, Jean, still lives in the West Yorkshire town. “I am really strong on community and I love going to my local butcher, baker and the farm shop.

I’m five minutes away from beautiful countryside and in 15 minutes I can be in the centre of Leeds.” Embarking on a big tour – which brings her to York’s Grand Opera House on Friday and Saturday – and fitting in her Loose Women commitments leaves little free time, particularly as she runs her own show, from hiring dress designers for her concert wardrobe to launching her own record label.

One minute we can be talking about the size of bra cups, the next the NHS.

That’s what keeps people interested.” There will be plenty of chat too on stage.

Her star sign is Aries, and she admits she is a typical one. I had a lot of people from London taking over my management and promotion and styling. I have one day off a week and then I am in the office, doing the wages, sorting out emails, doing interviews.

“The leader; the ram; big headed and stubborn,” she says, then chortles. “I am a perfectionist, which is why I am such a control freak. I lost my identity and didn’t know who I was.” The turnaround came with her divorce. It’s extremely hard work, but very fulfilling.” Jane has built up a firm fan base through touring for the past decade.Mc Donald’s did not immediately return phone calls and emails seeking comment.RELATED POSTS: SUBWAY: What Do Franchisees Make on Footlongs?Her favourite guests have included George Benson, Bette Midler, Whoopi Goldberg and John Cleese.What she loves about the show is the diverse topics and a chance to do what she does best: good old fashioned Yorkshire straight talking. We speak in laymen’s terms, that people can understand.“I set up the company because I thought: ‘I’ve got to look after myself now’,” she says, admitting to being a “workaholic”. But she has won over a new legion of admirers from her regular stints on ITV’s daytime magazine show, Loose Women.

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