Windows network connection validating identity

I have tried to troubleshoot all I can, and now all of a sudden when I try to connect to this wireless network, it says "windows is unable to find a certificat to log you onto the network GOMEZ, after when Iclick on status, it says validating identity.

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This popup window will ask users to accept a security certificate similar to the one required by Apple devices.

Right click on the Network icon and choose 'Open Network and Sharing Center'.

in between the computer icons of connection activity.

Why is this the only network connection that does this?

Validation and Certificate errors in Win XP This article will help you fix the validation and certificate errors in Windows The message 'Validating identity.

Windows Validating identity windows xp or Windows Validating identity.

It just says "validating identity" and does not ask for a passkey at all.

thanks You want to make sure you are using the same version of WPA on each side.

Check the box beside (1.)"Verify the server's identity by validating the certificate"(2.) "Connect to these servers" Positive SSl Multi-Domain(3.) Check the box beside "Add Trust External CA Root" 10.

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