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It is provided as a courtesy for individuals who are still using these technologies.

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Tables in Microsoft Word 2000 acquired HTML (Web) table characteristics; among other things, columns can resize automatically to fit cell content and you can size them as a percentage of the whole.

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The updated form field is not saved (because the document does not get saved) – I’ll leave that up to the reader to figure out.

Also, this program will not work with XFA forms (the ones you create in Designer).

Summary: Learn how to automate the creation and formatting of tables in Word.

Get information about optimizing performance, populating a table with data, formatting table structure, linking table data, and extracting data from a table.

(25 printed pages)You can look at the world as split into applications that store data (databases) and applications that present information, such as Microsoft Office Word 2003 and Microsoft Office Power Point 2003.

Increasingly, the end user demands to display database content in documents and presentations.

With the explanation in the previous two blog posts, it should not be hard to understand what’s going on here.

The only new command introduced is the get Field() function, which returns a form field.

For those, you need to use the XFA DOM to access the form data.

For anybody interested in XFA forms, the Life Cycle Designer ES Scripting Reference is a must read.

While Word does provide some tools for displaying tables from databases in its documents, these are somewhat rudimentary, they require a basic understanding of how the database is built, and using them involves a number of steps.

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