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August 14, 2002 Joe Feser This article is meant to help XML developers understand the different ways XSLT transformations can be performed using the . It alsos describe how to use various input sources for an XSLT transformation. NET, the // Load the String into a Text Reader System.

Stream Reader("numbers.xsl"); // Use that Text Reader as the Source for the Xml Text Reader System.

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Finally, the exam tests your ability to validate XML to confirm that it conforms to a proper format. NET Framework includes several means of validating XML that you should be familiar with. NET Framework effectively unless you're familiar with XML.

That's true even if you're working only with desktop applications, but if you want to write XML Web Services and other distributed applications, XML knowledge is even more important. NET Framework uses XML for many purposes itself, but it also makes it very easy for you to use XML in your own applications.

TIA, Joe Z I have a question about using XMLValidating Reader. In the xml data file, if I don't specify the schema file path, XMLValidating Reader always complains. Validation Event Handler = delegate (object sender, Validation Events Args vargs) ; using (Xml Reader reader = Xml Reader. NET 1.1 then you need Xml Validating Reader for validation but you can set the schema(s) similar to the above code.

If schema file path is included, then it doesn't complain.

Xml Text Reader(tr); // Create a new Xsl Transform class System.

Load(xr);// The following code may be appended to the preceding example // Create a new XPath Document, loading the source from a file System.

If schema file path is included, then it doesn't complain.

Is there any way to tell XMLValidating Reader where the schema file is, or am I missing anything?

Xsl Transform(); // Load the Xml Reader Style Sheet into the Xsl Transform class trans.

XPath Document("numbers.xml"); // Create the Navigator System.

Validation Event Handler = delegate(object sender, Validation Event Args e) ; //XMLReader Xml Reader reader = Xml Reader.

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