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•r.1 inpre Mi M .e«Bf t« ^ tbat tbit i ^**^1*^^ Altboujh tbe ov.r.b.dowing Eatinu thvi. They are founded on ***** ***** **•*" ®®pl*®«tl with new difficult to feel any strong confidence in tbe ter as to punish the mu-derer.

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*to®k oftboasmy, which ptoco wo txebsd, » Govamx Willard’s xmxk wx atrxtous. aad wx m I bis friends bang meat no bxhes tor Ibe run- eaceediogty wxk I could xercety wutb I away negrox of Keatucky Fillmore men, it Strange to say, it bx bxn of benefit to me, bnt I may bappea, in tbe course ot eoms ot bis in- ^ sevxal otbeie It bx proved tota L We buried !

after having boon lost fx two doya, aad to a ' But for tho perx Ml kindness we bmr him, we ttol* bordeneg an storvntion. cursions into our B’ate, tbat his owu meat may *®®* reaching .

Their confine- vxcluauely pur/ ind tilvei^i, w Mto a physician or surgxn, or exn to .

aad tbe preeer- ‘‘•‘•f* k®»t* b**« »* l®n« been sub deem the promix of bis first suce esmsl' Is be penitentiary for their o H^nses.

Cox^y it Willard, in bis spoeeb in tho loort-boux to **! tb U plice, on Friday las*., X we xe informed, *"* f ****? f R ml- eeid: “He did not thlak tbe Irish aad Dutch ***.! * *®*^ «k«rf»d; -e " ® » immmiiately ruebml an to ibatr auppxt at the • Of conrx it is naturally to be expected that rate af belt a auto m box; tk« town, rrxtel j Governor Willard and hia Indiana friends will '"8 of *b®®“ bouxs wx cai Tled, after rtcadv- ' dn all they can towxd encouraging xd aiding '** ' the stovx ot all tho Fillmxe men of Keatucky Thot wart wa crow^' w Mb gtory, toktog - to xcape from tbeir marters.

About tbo time a town without tho lox of a man, and finding, Govxnx Willard aad Governor Wright wxe ®fr®®-« -®®« poeaeuion, that M enemy had i making their .pxchx to th|s neighbxhm Hl, Sptl Sl tour negro moo, belonging to tho Meaars. At any rate it would lift c Bise Ol a wnoie people. maxim that the law obli* Inwds until they shall have become tbe es- P'***®* I* •* ®kort a time. serve the Uown as Trtt Me T^ that xe dangwoes in tbemxlves, the real peril cboox his destiny deliberately. An assassin mmk.'“ X few^ea‘"*«® a'V.'dy *‘"*‘*’"*»- kniih,and like it t Ley are c-oroal. “fol, it may have glorious incidental results advocate them may be defeated to one cofitxt Altogether, them improveme Dts have re- tobumanitythatwillcoverbisnamewithim- nnd IO Mother and wot bx, but tbo prbiciptos • ®»»t x-ount ®f labor, and it surprises perishable honor. I - man Fitch are coosiiiered the best of the com- An i Dtsrvsting account of tbs protfros.“*‘*®'®«^ o'^i^^Vx'Jrlm'Ln’rdr*^ ST’ ‘ A^rt Tto«I^ enough, resorts to th. worthy of ita high and tolamo responsibility James Welch, an Irishman, who bad never ikins of the Siberian squirrel or other fure, and, of tbe authority which a man evidaally ol fair been naturalized, was tried during the past smu Ksliitg off at tablet aa Ihiv can vet i l lair week, in tbit county, uiion the charge of i IGgal ire7cwythom*to^ri*L«pstora G,'wb«il VVH culture brings te xiipee ihe votioe at the election in January 'att for coun- iradesilo of furt,w Menew Txpondtoour Kreal »»“«• « the Jarlaprudence ef two bad a right to aak, aad which he weuld hayc pany B ef the tame battaliem The mdx waa feubd no difficulty in answering had his pv- (it*en te tell eff, and tbe namharef martial senia pose been a proper one, will oely affix upon f®«M »e bi, m all, 73j fho r oma ia dt r tech ki.There is no species of confession nd ibeir krx tbeir fortunx, and Ibrtr axrx! — * When tbs bmemxe of pxty apir M bed yteldod y to^be fultoax af tbxr petriottem and cxxrt (f,, deetre to prom Xe the welfax of their country, "•toanniy edjnrcd tbesr countrymen to pre d,, xrve the Uoixi, x the groat citadel nf Ameri- CM Mtienality, preepenty, and f n edcm. canid be blamed if they would bang meat epon .'i*** ^AJf*** F®#*^®*s — • — nited (to • the bxhes, along tho w Lle roxi Tfr Sm tbe ** ***? And we are bound to ssy that _ ^ “P®" I*® I*'**'*® of the of this particular kind ot fur But there are ago, and who talks learnedly about the “tfel M I Wht Oov. Wise, breughi eut by tbe Uterroga- suspected e » utmest iwor ef Ibe ne Uee Hi. than ane-tbsrd ot tbe popalx vo U X I*** « * most valuable I With this great vantage point secured, what ju^al votes were given in tbu ®®®® ®® ll*® promenade.

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