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•r.1 inpre Mi M .e«Bf t« ^ tbat tbit i ^**^1*^^ Altboujh tbe ov.r.b.dowing Eatinu thvi. They are founded on ***** ***** **•*" ®®pl*®«tl with new difficult to feel any strong confidence in tbe ter as to punish the mu-derer.

Weahall - ^*r**-» -«w..a.».miaaa,w.,ai,b,';uas^ irm« ^ •■w«o laa cnartar if the Company, and he has thus far, we confess, exhibited no foo Sbtsgsinst bis own countrymen and in fa- any preceding yearvine# h U houee was eatab- now give the aubatance of It. “Russian Crown Sa reply, we maintained that penitential cenfaa- .. Jr** Amerte.*^ *' ‘» “'’‘l'»®»“»“»‘''y “*e law in both • 4bs X OX cou Ltry.

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*to®k oftboasmy, which ptoco wo txebsd, » Govamx Willard’s xmxk wx atrxtous. aad wx m I bis friends bang meat no bxhes tor Ibe run- eaceediogty wxk I could xercety wutb I away negrox of Keatucky Fillmore men, it Strange to say, it bx bxn of benefit to me, bnt I may bappea, in tbe course ot eoms ot bis in- ^ sevxal otbeie It bx proved tota L We buried !

after having boon lost fx two doya, aad to a ' But for tho perx Ml kindness we bmr him, we ttol* bordeneg an storvntion. cursions into our B’ate, tbat his owu meat may *®®* reaching .

If, Evert Pxinciplk of its Faith.”— S uch it ®hape than last year, pointed at toe back, Dim Mlf obliged to confass his tins to tbe prtost, •r Americ M l.bxty, wit! Tb U 1W who framed onr Co Mtitutton, and laid w® “ ®®*“«k k* kx earrtod it through. Kki of suf- fallen Central American Republic and addres- tbe midst of the fight ABANOo’n ED ®®®y ®'®*'rc*eitylss, both of hrme and foreigr, ’hodesttoyofcivi Hzatiootothecxoffaoa U- It CM tostttnrto M. But if, cherishing no such “‘ntel^rp M^^m^to^^^^ knowre“*.bll*hm Mt Tl^^^^^ te bound to recognize xsacrwl tb. And of **** ** **** **'*" *** P*®P*®*•- ** *“«* »«“'** “'*®® justly “damned to everl Luog fame.” Let him sto T^'i^to Ttote' wliteh Jb^'o m S fa? Once in tbe whirl rp-n to him, and tbe eyx of the world before tbe world blackened with Ibe proof, of “*“"* *"" •’I**!

Ibe Company was i ito which there it imminent danger of his ®“® **I’®® fr om Grenada any price from $-0 to $50 A set comprises , 8*® ®“® *• *®®“»* kin-self, and i DSUts,moit tablte*icd policy of ox goxmment, x tbe ®*®Y ^®®®®®*I* I® •®®“®t®C Ike mrvices of Ed- falling, and rank bim in fuller harmony with “The Democratic Party has Abandoned Grge cape, rather larger and mort graceful absurdly, that, since a Catholic conceivx whole fabric of ox Union, the glorious temple -•®8 Watts, Erq , of Carlisle, Ps , a very able wbat we believe to be his true merits. experience, however, io an evil hour, be yields to the sinis tbe published declaration of a South Carolina tol W xe^1re^r*m*Md*7o Tcr**i'LIf ‘*** ®*''‘**' ’*** *^****®“* *® ***“** •‘'®®*'* beneath tbe iron bert of r Kklsmdemagrguism •‘‘ow dtrertto" and superintendence tbe ter -ugg^Uons of the aggressive party of Democrat, the truth of which has been demo . The cuflj are long un J*® »nyc'®cu3iitoncx, it obligx the priest •nd s bcicc4epirit which Uireate M to -®®k P**«^f »n® disclose b U eonfxsie Bs In other words, « terty dcmxali M and cxrmpt tbe po Mitor -®®»®*I *ka“ks of tbe stesmboatmen, and in- wbo has been appropriately selected to play Rl elf, Jr., in a communication which appeared ‘he petite and delteate propot Uons of last sea- “Laic” deliberately holds the law rxponslb G bonrt. entire Wert, for the admirable man- tbe Devil to Walker’s Eden if not to play tbe in the Charleston Mercury, on the 25th ult., ,7“he to^u M^lu Xs tor tbe faith or crotchet, of i U subjxts. pledge, tbe fathers and fo Mdxs of ox Repub- • b®sbcbeanal,with a new xt of I. We are assured that this may be done be well He may win a name x deathless as champion of economy, it rushes into tbe wild ®‘* *" ****.“ *’®'(* -I'’** ®®I“®“®'I ‘®®“ ^j® and superstition. If tho law •tto M,to.atotato tbe Untonx tbe • *®-P®®®kvely light ext, and it is belwved Wxhington’s. ' Tbe choice is pxty%’oef Torn Tw Cr Ty ®®®®®“ , Wh J are x'®® »ucb worn, bu’ were not privileged communication, the, would CM ^ 4 ^ lix in tbe spirit they evoke.

*®“* *“* **^ **** '*“*** **** ®®““'®T- *«®*- He might as well come home and play Probabilities tend to favor cf the election of *’®*‘ *”■ '**‘‘'1' *' “‘fiktnot either consign to seerxy or »■ I --. We are pleased to Gxn tbat the Company the traitor openly with WUe and Brooks at the traitor Fremont to the Presidenev; and the . down upon that bleaaed soil of ycx native ’stoto, ,_^*,*® *** ^***. •®**®y’ *«- -b«ee river to Cioekto T to feed tbe negrxs of xxy I!

^ *^ eaetue thorns, wo at upon which you impressed your pure and aim- •— ’•‘k eirived witbm half e mito Ot the beofila pie faith, and “fuxd Ue Msrtng ko«/^ _ to— »» — k M tho weod to hnlk wx pmsned, and ; ihox Ox ofattack saadnkis^. Anthem m H who voted for Fillmxe, in tbeir i^U*****^*^ came; at the pxeel flight frem eiavery.”— SUikyrti/a Aries.

a*L"s Vto of f Sa^tlh U^^^ brlghteat names in tho Jartspru Uence^ two 'eraiseaecfficieotrumtoputthe workinprof*- deed, tbat Wa ksr bad at length achieved tbe ly officers, and found “guilty.” He is, there- book la Lw S-atow-V-r^.^^kei place. Wbat amsatog Intotnationl Woof miles threogb this betrid senatrv, the battai- •T repair.

It would sxm, in votioe at the elect loi TJ"nulr V^Tfor co'5^ t‘?

And we are bound to ssy that _ ^ “P®" I*® I*'**'*® of the of this particular kind ot fur But there are ago, and who talks learnedly about the “tfel M I Wht Oov. Wise, breughi eut by tbe Uterroga- suspected e » utmest iwor ef Ibe ne Uee Hi. than ane-tbsrd ot tbe popalx vo U X I*** « * most valuable I With this great vantage point secured, what ju^al votes were given in tbu ®®®® ®® ll*® promenade.

LO tea Skates declined to rrceive view be has been regularly chosen President of 'ry’s relentless 'oe, agiinst his countrymen j surrounded by walls, and entered by gates, ther Martin, and William Wirt), by Invoking I, Ibe Beard were then Z'.^' 7 '“;'"'. &bvrb;.vj;:s'w^^ •• »■ ry, I o, Ho Ard announced to ar DS he entered tbe country and whose aid and nob*v on flie fide of bi^ blreditif countryy end out, instead of this, they are carried over the own, by the explicit aatbority ot the Boet die- ^* ^^***^^^ ^P**^^^**^ they were pre- *TBpathy was believed to bs tbe atmosphere hr the English were driven frontier into the mountains ^f 8iberla|acd tolo tingulsbed acd authentic writers on Evidence ^ pared te eiticguieh tbe remaining ludividusl breathed. brr E^^^^^^^^ who ^ur SL Attorney In a ca.: Uv.wfn^^^^^^ ^y eb Mld each ceiitii ue to hold one share He is the acknowledged soul and body of Vi ^ Ik securing lo the^royal family the exc Lrive use question in New York nearly half a century •f t*ock, te that the cxpora'c orgaoiiatiun Nicaragua. thug Richmond Times pu MGhee a two-celuan Gtter centinae te be made in Parts e« Indirldiitli from Gov. The court, Hudson Bay Sab G ranks next to Rus- point, by way of roaoding off our former clta* kw. proved to havecast a fraud- f ar, SSt hx l®»“ink to ^ tion of the jury any eonimunlca Uoo which is t*c4oy, srteo Cbsr tb# disutoo D Itotoocrscy, with tb# use of which boots m##iing fully. If Ic is still worn for opera and concert cloaks, as svidence, howevorsoerst and cod- nx mx.

dags pendant behind, the order wm tnddanly The rcmaliider of tbe letter io devoted to a *7.**,.^^ Ueat. And we tfuat ®ff »• “‘*"7 sables aa ihiy can relj powers and culture brioei to x-li»x ik tellte SAc Mi B,ar.tedx»ia‘e its .t.bility may be Ixtlng.

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